Air Compressors



The Generent range of heavy duty rotary screw diesel air compressors include both skid and trailer type mounts. All units are housed in sound attenuated weatherproof enclosures. Engine options include Perkins, Kubota & Isuzu diesel. In addition to the compressors a range of accessories are also available such as hose and lance kits.


  • Delivery / Installation
  • On Site Servicing
  • Skid & Trailer Mount
  • Lance & Hose Kits

Fleet Range

Cfm Description
50 Kubota Diesel Skid Mount
50 Kubota Diesel Trailer Mount
70 Kubota Diesel Skid Mount
70 Kubota Diesel Trailer Mount
90 Isuzu Diesel Skid Mount
90 Isuzu Diesel Trailer Mount
125 Isuzu Diesel Skid Mount
125 Isuzu Diesel Trailer Mount
180 Isuzu Diesel Skid Mount
180 Isuzu Diesel Trailer Mount
265 Hino Diesel Skid Mount
390 Hino Diesel Skid Mount