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If your site uses large amounts of petrol or diesel to power your machinery it can be a hassle to maintain enough onsite fuel to keep everything running. This is where portable fuel cells, also known as fuel tanks, can help. Fuel cells are a portable storage facility that can store and dispense fuel safely meaning that your machinery and staff will not have to leave the site to refuel which saves you time and money.

Portable fuel cells are suitable for use in the construction and mining industries, during emergencies and on rural properties. Fuel cells will ensure that you always have enough fuel on hand to power your tools and machines even in the worst conditions.



Heavy Duty Bunded Fuel Cells for Hire

Generent has heavy duty bunded fuel cells for hire with capacities ranging from 500L through to 20000L. No matter the amount of fuel you need to store on your site, we have the portable fuel cell option that you need to keep your machinery fuelled and operational. Our heavy duty fuel cells are highly maintained in-house and are available throughout Brisbane & Perth

  • 500L Bunded Fuel Cells for Hire
  • 1000L Bunded Fuel Cells for Hire
  • 1500L Bunded Fuel Cells for Hire
  • 2000L Bunded Fuel Cells for Hire
  • 3000L Bunded Fuel Cells for Hire
  • 4000L Bunded Fuel Cells for Hire
  • 5000L Bunded Fuel Cells for Hire
  • 10000L Bunded Fuel Cells for Hire
  • 20000L Bunded Fuel Cells for Hire

All fuel cells are bunded fuel cells or double welded fuel cells which means that they have 2 walls built into their structure, an inner wall and an outer wall. The inner wall is the primary storage facility for the fuel whereas the outer wall acts as a failsafe in case the inner wall leaks or ruptures. This prevents toxic substances from spilling into the surrounding environment and causing environmental contamination and product loss.


Refuelling Services from Generent

Not only can Generent supply the fuel cell hire you need for your site, but we can also provide refuelling services. No matter the time of day your cell needs refuelling, Generent can supply you with the refuelling services to keep things running both during and outside of business hours.

We also offer a range of other services with all our portable fuel cell hire including delivery and installation on-site, fuel line supply and fitting, a skid and trailer mount for easy on-site transport, pumps and fittings supply, and 24 hour support for any breakdowns or issues with our hire equipment.

For custom generator and equipment hire solutions, contact Generent today

Contact Generent for Fuel Cell Hire

Get in touch with Generent today to hire one of our heavy duty portable fuel cells or bunded fuel tanks for your next project. From our central office located in Brisbane Southside, Generent can supply fuel tank hire and fuel cell hire to customers throughout Brisbane. We frequently provide fuel cells to Brisbane, Toowoomba, Byron Bay, Warwick, Gatton, Sunshine Coast, Noosa Heads, Gympie and Burleigh Heads and Lismore. We also provide our fuel cell hire services to Perth and the surrounding area from our warehouse in Perth. Contact us today for a custom quote.


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